LickPalik was just a kid with an unusual sense of observation who loves to draw. In 2015, he started to drew comic strips based on his day to day life. He called this comic-strip TAHILALATS; Indonesian for skin mole; as a mark of identity based on a skin mole on his own face. Later that year, LickPalik was approached by South Korea-based digital comic publisher LINE Webtoon to become a contributor. In the span of four years, TAHILALATS published more than 653 chapters with 37.3 million likes making it the top comedy content on the platform.

Now, with more than 3000 online comic strips published, TAHILALATS became more than just a comic-strip, it became a distinguished comedy brand and IP with millions of followers that expanded its business into creative studio services, content development, brand licensing and collaboration, merchandising, board games, toys, and now diving into becoming a WEB3 brand under the wings of Mindblowon Studio.

TAHILALATS believes, there’s a silver lining shared in the comedy of everyday life from people all over the world and we are aiming to tickle the funny bones in them. We’re just getting started and we will explore new worlds and dimensions such as the Metaverse starting with Collectible PFP NFTs and many more!


  • The Beginning

    Lickpalik been creating Tahilalats comicstrips since 2015 and we're excited to enter the super exciting universe of web3! This was the art that started it all

  • Naver LINE (Webtoon)

    Our collab with @linewebtoonid was one of our earliest projects in web2! We can never forget our achievements there thanks to our loyal readers! We broke a record of 4 million Followers and 37,8 million Likes in the platform and the record still stands!

  • Naver LINE

    Its kinda funny, our partnership with Naver LINE was our first digital product that we ever sold and become the most purchased line sticker in 2017. now, we are going to continue that legacy into our pfp project. *fingercrossed

    Check out our LINE stickers >
  • Tahilalats / Mindblowon Social Media

    After the unexpected success in our online comicstrip, we started to launch on social media platforms and we gained a combined following of 12 million across social media platforms

  • Animation

    In 2018, we expanded our comic in to animated content for our youtube channel! We partnered with @seedsmotion to produce our sketch comedy animation with 277k subscribers!

    Check out Mindblowon TV >
  • Indonesia Comic History

    MINDBLOWON is a part of Indonesia comic history

  • Forbes Indonesia

    Thanks to Forbes for featuring us as the first fictional characters on their 2021 digital content creator Indonesia list.

    Check out our Forbes article >

Commercial Collaborations

  • Commercial Collaborations

    We've done a lot of brand commercialization! our content DNA made us able to translate brand's messages into comic strips and animation! we've been blessed with many successful partnerships and positive feedbacks from both partners and the audience.
  • Product Collaborations

    We did product collaborations with VANS for OTW ART 2020 that sold accross asia pacific, and more products collaboration within Indonesia.
    product comic
  • Movie Collaborations

    we tagged along with several movie publisher to create a various online and offline activation. in addition, we've done conversations and intervews with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillian, Awkwafina, Vin Diesel, Tom Holland, Zendaya, and many more from the movies that we've collaborated.
    product comic
  • Music Collaborations

    Everyone love music right? and for that we tried to do some collaboration with musician around the world to entertain both audience
    product comic
  • Merchandise & Toys

    We gained some experience in developing our IP to real world products and merchandise!! Now, we're still selling product for our followers and friends from around the world!
    watch video >product comic
  • Odawara Kustom Kulture

    Lickpalik got invited to showcasing his art in Japan. moreoever, he got a chance to hang out with Steve Caballero
    watch video >
  • And that’s all for now!

    And that’s that! Mindblowon’s short but..wild journey! But remember... This is only the beginning of our web3 journey together!

There's More
There's More

At Mindblowon Universe, we believe life is more fun in laughter! That’s our motto in making absurd slice-of-life comic strips and animation for our laugh buddies across the internet!

Starting only with drawing doodles on paper, scanned them, posting it on a blog and we just wanted to have fun with creating slice of life stories. It's so surreal that now we've shared that fun and laughter to more than 12 million followers. It even took us to opportunities working with our fun friends from Sony Pictures, Samsung, PlayStation, Spotify, and many more! We kinda lost count of how much great time we had with all these amazing friends from all across the universe, which made us realize, life is even more fun when we bring different kinds of people together!

Say GM to Mindblowon Universe, a metaverse for creators, dreamers, doers, jokers, and everything in between!

Mindblowon Universe is a place to share, laugh, talk, listen, laugh again, learn, earn, and have we mentioned laugh?? Prepare to get your minds blown from all corners of this universe! We are gonna have so much fun TOGETHER because this is a community that welcomes eeeverybodyyy. ~ There's no main superstar, no queen bee, no prom kings, just random everyday fellas with awesome ideas!

We want to be in this ride with you because your imagination is important to us in building this universe together!

So, what's next for the Mindblowon Universe? WAGMI, TOT!

Seeds Motion is a team of dudes and dudettes behind Mindblowon Studio’s animated content! They’ve been playing and producing Tahilalats’ content for three years now. For Seeds Motion, playfulness is key in creating animation! Whether if it’s pushing poses or creating action sequences, voice acting, music composing, and writing stories, all is done in a playful state of mind!

Seeds Motion has been in the industry for the last 7 years and have collaborated and partnered with friends from Netflix, Unilever, Vice Media, Monkey Shoulders, P&G, Asus, HP, and many more! Apart from that, Seeds Motion have produced Tahilalats’ animation videos that gained millions of views combined!

We’re delighted to have brought you animated content in WEB2 and we’re excited to create more animations and stories for you in the metaveeerse!! TO INFINITY AND BEYOOND!!!